With products spanning furniture, lighting, tabletop, kitchenware and accessories, Pomax is a contemporary brand that takes pleasure in creating products that support a way of easy living in harmony with beauty, charm and nature. Founded in 1995 by owners Anne-Marie Clerckx and Xavier De Vil, Pomax offers a complete and accessible interiors brand, encompassing a core range of well designed … Read More

William Whistle

A tea and coffee brand personified by a creative eccentric, William Whistle, who has around him a team of practical, hands-on experts to make sure his big ideas make it into our cups and saucers. Embracing the richly romantic stories and characters who populated the tea and coffee expeditions of the 18th and 19th centuries, this well travelled, English brand … Read More

Makers & Merchants

A British brand created to celebrate real modern living, inspiring people to love their homes and the food they share with friends and family. Makers & Merchants is a brand with a unique combination of exclusive food and homeware products, that tells the story of seasonality, provenance, uncompromising quality, craftsmanship and collaboration. Each item in our handpicked range has been … Read More

Become a Seletti stockist in the UK

Established in 1964, with a mission to develop innovative, creative and original products. The second generation of the Seletti family, Stefano and Miria, have maintained and developed their fathers philosophy, with their passion for collaboration, their focus on making popular products with a high level of artistry and their unwavering commitment to design. Designed as a ‘collection of collections’, each … Read More